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A collection of work previously featured in The Poetry Room.

'Considering Two Paths In The Wilderness' by Eve West Bessier

Becky Rankin "Fragments of Sound/Thought"

Shelley Ochoa "A World of Misunderstanding"

Poetry by Harry Kel

Robert Hensell "The Poetic Works of Robert M. Hensel"

Rob W. Scott "Room 213"

Michelle Cameron 'Haze of Incarnation'

Eamonn Harvey 'Ballyheige in May'

Jelena Stefulic 'Eternity is a bell that rings only once'

Ward Kelley 'A History of Souls'

Sam Silva 'That Skull & Spell'

Tasha Klein "Wild Inlets"

Richard Ostrander "Outside Of These Lines"

Lori Schwartzkopf "The Words Within"

Richard Denner "Pinning The Tail On The Donkey"

Hill Kali "Raping the Art"

Isabelle Carruthers "Gasoline Poetry"  

Claudine Moreau "Interstellar Dust"

Verian Thomas "Worth Repeating"

Leesa Beales "Sweet Elusive"

Poetry by Brian Balsan

Matthew Campagna "In Between Nights"

Christopher Rye "The Sacred Hypertext"

Louise McCoy "Propelled Population by Disconcerted Angels"

Ian Brown "Ripples"

Derek Marlow "Sounding the Depths"

Leesa Beales "My Words"

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