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The Physik Garden began its life as a collaboration between the artists Simon Larbalestier and Michael Eldridge.

It has grown to involve a team of people whose intention is to look openly and intelligently at all aspects of creativity and well being. Simon and Michael retain their own part of the site 'The Cave'.

The Physic Gardens of the 17th Century were healing places for mind and body and special herbs and plants were grown in particular configurations to serve this end. This project is more about a metaphor for experience. The Physik Garden explores the plurality of existence; it exists in real time hidden in the mystic hills of Central Italy and yet it has its virtual life here with its own perpetual motion developing and maturing 24 hours a day.

It's about journeys and exploration, passing through gates and opening 1,000 windows - perhaps you'll stumble across the real garden one day, but that's of little importance compared to the journey along the way.

Importantly, it's about giving a voice to all those who have something to say. It's about sharing dreams and ideas. As with any garden, The Physik Garden needs cultivation and attention. Thus we truly value and welcome your contributions to our site, be these ideas, poems, paintings, stories or just plain comment. No personal details entrusted to us are ever disclosed to third parties.

Artists involved: Meg Amsden, Leesa Beales, Paolo Cavallin, Neil Chenery, Catherine Eccles, Michael Eldridge, Sue Lanzon, Simon Larbalestier, Debbie Swain, Sonia Whitefield.

Honorary Gardeners: Jack Fulton & Richard Denner (for services beyond the call of duty in the Lower Field).


The Physik Garden


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